Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

✯ What is True Rajasthan?

TrueRajasthan is a supportive hand for explorers. We help tourists to save their hard-earned money from greedy tour package sellers.
This is a guide website for every tourist and solo travel. We’ll share some helpful tips & tricks to save a huge amount of your travel budget.
Like, how to make your own plan to explore True Rajasthan.
Actually, this site is more useful for those people who don’t wanna leave a single unturned stone. And for those people who travel to explore the Earth.
You’ll find here every single thing about the largest and oldest state of India. From ancient civilization to smart city and historical forts to modern monuments & museums with many other colorful things about Rajasthan.
Do you know?
Rajasthan has so many hidden gems to visit and feel the beauty.
The interesting thing about TrueRajasthan is you’ll explore those beautiful places at your place and plan your free tour. And it helps you to save a huge amount of your trip budget.

✯ Mission of TrueRajasthan

TrueRajasthan site helps you to be responsible Explorer. Build a ‘True-Chain’ of trusted people at every single state to help you. Maybe you also want to help other people and build a relationship with travelers.
Spread awareness about scams happened in the tourism sector.
Just think one time, Do you really need to buy a tour package?
If your answer is ‘YES’ so click here, go for it and enjoy that planned tour.
If your answer is ‘NO’ it means you’re smart and want to be a responsible traveler.
Stay Attached To Know More…

✯ What True Rajasthan Do?

Before starting this, Thank you so much for being here to read about the Rajasthan state of India.
In January 2019, True Rajasthan was founded by Neeraj Meena.
First, we start to collect all the information about Rajasthan. Here we update the information on a weekly bases. It’s colorful cities with different fair & festivals among the year.
And I doing my best to show you everything about True Rajasthan.

✯ Who is TrueRajasthan For?

We’re here to save hard earned money of every explorer. I also want to help those tourists are in trouble or any situation. If you’re tourists or explorer need any kind of help or suggestion.
Click here to contact us.

✯ Where TrueRajasthan Come From?

Born in January 2019, we feel awesome when our guests come to explore my homeland. But, why guests pay more money to explore Rajasthan. That is the worst feeling ever had.
Why you pay to explore the beauty of our land. I suggest you not to buy travel packages because there are only a few things to pay. If you want to know what the things are? Click here.
Still, the state has much quantity of hidden places. If you are going to planning a trip to Rajasthan. So, we’ll support you to make your own trip plan to explore real Rajasthan.

We were founded by Neeraj Meena – a handsome guy who wants to help every single tourist and trying to save money to help our tourists. You can find out more about him and the rest of our awesome TrueRajasthan family on the team page, jam-packed with kind-hearted and experienced travel.

✯ True Love You with Rajasthan❣

Here at True Rajasthan we appreciate your travel goals and understand the confusing and crazy world of destinations, meaning we can guide you through the best destinations for your experience.
If you want to make your own tour plan and you’re ready to explore Rajasthan. So, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.