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Bikaner City in Rajasthan

Location: Bikaner, Rajasthan, India
Founded By: Rao Bika Ji
Established In: 1488
Total Area: 30,247
Official Site:

Something About Bikaner City

Bikaner is a city and District administrative of the Bikaner District of Rajasthan. The city is sharing borders with Sridungargarh, Nokha, Kolayat, Lunkaransar, Chhatargarh, & Poogal cities. Bikaner city is also known as Jangladesh before the 15th century. The city is located in the middle of the Thar Desert with a hot climate. It is world-famous for the International Camel Festival and also for world-famous snack ‘Bikaneri Bhujia’.

Places to Visit in Bikaner City of Rajasthan

Junagarh Fort

Junagarh Fort in Bikaner City of Rajasthan
Photo Clicked By Schwiki, (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Junagarh Fort was built in the 15th century for the royal family of Bikaner state. It is also known as the old fort of Bikaner and Chintamani. This Bikaner fort is situated near Sursagar Lake in the main city of Bikaner with Garh Ganesh Temple, & Prachina Museum.

Laxmi Niwas Palace

Laxmi Niwas Palace & Lalgarh Palace in Bikaner
Photo Clicked By Noledam, (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Laxmi Niwas Palace of Bikaner is a luxury heritage hotel located 3 km away from Junagarh fort. It was designed by British architecture Mr. Samuel Swinton Jacob in the 19th century. This beautiful palace was built by King Ganga Singh of Bikaner.

Karni Mata Temple

Karni Mata temple Entrance in Bikaner, Rajasthan
Photo By Jean-Pierre Dalbéra, (CC BY 2.0)

This temple is located approx. 30 km away from Bikaner city. It is also known as Rat temple with more than 25 thousand Black & White rats. Temple dedicates to Hindu Goddess Karni Mata. It was built by King Ganga Singh of Bikaner in the 15th century.

Seth Bhandasar Jain Temple

Jain Temple in Bikaner City
Photo Clicked by Malakarmithun, (CC BY-SA 4.0)

This Jainism temple was built in the 15th century by Seth Bhandasa Oswal of Bikaner State. Jain Mandir is famous for Artwork & wall painting inside the temple. It is located in the Old city of Bikaner with a distance of 3 km from Junagarh fort.

National Camel Research Centre

National Camel Research Center at Bikaner City in Rajasthan
Photo By Flicka, (CC BY-SA 3.0)

National Research Centre on Camel was built in 1984 by the Indian Government. It is located approx. 9 km on the outskirts of Bikaner city. It also has a large collection of camel species.

Bikaner Raj Parivar Vishram Grah

This place has many cenotaphs and these are built for royal families for spending time with family. Now, it became a tourism place of Bikaner. It is located outskirts of Bikaner city with a distance of 10 km.

Sursagar Lake

This beautiful lake is located backside of Junagarh Fort in Bikaner city. Sursagar lake has ghats for bathing and festival uses. It also has a beautiful red marble temple with 2 fountains.

How to Reach Bikaner City in Rajasthan

By Airway

Civil Airport of Bikaner is the nearest airport to reach Bikaner city and the city is 13 km away from the airport. Another option is Jaipur International airport and it is 348 km from Bikaner city.

By Railway

Bikaner Junction is the nearest railway station to reach Bikaner city and it is located in the center of this city. Another option is Deshnoke Railway station and it is 30 km away from the main city of Bikaner.

By Roadway

You can easily reach here by National Highway 11 & 62. You also rent and hire a car or bike and explore Bikaner in your own way.

Distance Between Major Cities to Bikaner City in Rajasthan

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Distance in Km


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