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Bikaner District of Rajasthan

Bikaner District Rajasthan

Area – 27,244 km²
Population – 23,67,745
Official Language – Hindi, Rajasthani

Bikaner is a district and a city in Rajasthan. It is also the District headquarters in the Bikaner district.

The district has a literacy rate of 65.92%. It is located at approximately latitude 28.01 north and longitude 73.9 east. Bikaner is one of the desert districts in north-east Rajasthan. It is located on the northern side of Sriganganagar, Jaisalmer, and Pakistan on the west, Sri Dungargarh on the eastern side and Nagore and Jodhpur on the southeast.

Bikaner District Attractions

Deshnok Kani Mata Temple

This temple is built before Bikaner settled. It is famous as the Temple of Mouses.

Mukam Temple

This is the main religious place of the Bishnoi sect.


Temple of Jasnathji Maharaj of Jasnathi sect, which is built without water. The people of Jat and Siddha Jati come here and the Agni Nritya of here is world-famous.

Chaudhary Colony – The temple of Veer Tejaji Maharaj was established by the Jat community in 1989 near Veer Teja Marg in Chaudhary Colony, it is one of the famous sites of Bikaner city.

How to Reach Bikaner District

By Roadway

The district is connected to all its surrounding districts by a metal road. National Highway No. 11, which connects Bikaner with Agra, stops at Bikaner itself. The length of various types of roads in the district is 3,624 km (as tested on 31 March 2000).

By Railway

The total railway network in the district spans 300 kilometers. The district is connected by a broad gauge railway line from Howrah, to Delhi, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaipur, Sriganganagar, Surat, Dungargarh, Ratangarh, Agra and Bhatinda.

By Airway

Bikaner airport is the nearest airport to reach main city of Bikaner.

Industrial scene

Currently, the main industries are bathrobes, animal feed, textiles, oils, papads, paints, wooden articles, etc.


Different types of soil such as fire clay, ocher and Kharia soil.