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Crispy Malpua Pancake | Special Dish from Rajasthan

Mawa Malpua Recipe – Crispy Pancake of Rajasthan

Image of Rajasthan's pancake (Malpua-Sweet)
Crispy Pancake of Rajasthan

Bake for you fall in love with sweets. Yeah!! Here, you’ll know about traditionl sweet dish from Rajasthan, India. Here you’ll know, how to cook a crispy malpua-pancake sweet dish. Famous & delisious sweet dish of Rajasthan kitchen. At the end of this recipe you’ll find some useful tips to win cooking compitition.
If you’re looking for an unique dish to impress someone special. I must recommends you to cook this recipe with love. May be, you want to cook for your big family. You also try Dal-Baati-Churma (Unforgetable+Unique Rajasthan Traditional dish). Rajasthan’s first dish, which is famous at globe level. It’s for you to get watering into your mouth. You should cook on festivals & any special occasions.

|  Rajasthan Kitchen Recipe | For 2-3 Peoples |

| Cooking Perioud:15-20 Minutes |

  Calories -250 | Vegetarian Dish Recipe |

INGREDIENTS LIST For Crispy Malpua Pancake

  1. Flour{ मैदा} – 1 Cup (100g)
  2. Mawa{मावा} – 1 cup (200 g)
  3. Sugar{चीनी} – 1 cup (250 gms)
  4. Lukewarm milk{दूध} – 2 cups
  5. Cardamom{इलाइची} – 4
  6. Pistachios{पिस्ते} – 10 to 12
  7. Almonds{बादाम} – 5 to 6
  8. Ghee-frying{घी- तलने के लिए}


Prepare Smooth Solution

  • First, you need to chop fine quality mawa (Dry Milk). Then, mix well with 1/2Lt milk. For this step, you need to put all Mawa and flour in the mixer jar. You also add a ½ cup of lukewarm milk and mix it in a mixer. Then add a little more milk and mix it once more.
  • It will be a very smooth solution. While cooking you used a total of 1.5 cups of milk is used.
  • Take the solution out in a bowl and let it keep it for 15 to 20 minutes so that it will be good after flowering.


Prepare Sugar Syrup

  • To make sugar syrup, you need to put 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water in a vessel and cook the syrup until the sugar dissolves in water. Make sure you still need to rotate the sugar syrup. you also mix almonds(बादाम) and pistachios(पिस्ते) in it or make cardamom powder.
  • Now, It’s time to check sugar syrup for your malpua-pancake recipe. So, just take a drop of sugar syrup on your finger and touch with the thumb. Simply, you’ll see a sticky wire between its connection. It means you’re on the right way.
  • After, the sugar dissolves with water, cooked the syrup and for 3 minutes. Turn off the gas and take off the dish of syrup and put it on the lattice strain. Mix cardamom powder in syrup and mix it. Finally, malpua sugar syrup is ready for the next step.


Image of Crispy Malpua Rajasthani Pancake

  • Your cooked solution is also ready within 20 minutes. Heat the ghee in a fry-pan for frying Malpuas. Take a little bit of a solution and check it is coming up on fry pan. Make sure the pan should be lightly heated (less than medium heat) to fry the Indian Pancake. Fill your solution with a spoon and pour it in the ghee and mix well. Sprinkle some ghee on top of the spices so that the masculine can also be cured of this side. If you fall down from the side, overflow with the help of the other crew. Fry the Indian pancake, both sides till Rajasthani dish become golden brown.
  • Make sure you should take out the malpuas from the other side as soon as golden brown. When removing Malpuas, press the solution between the two whistles and squee the ghee and keep them in a plate. Prepare all malpuas according to such this way.
  • Put all fried solution in the prepared sugar syrup and keep dipping for 2 to 3 minutes in the syrup. After 3 minutes, remove Malpua from the syrup and squeeze the extra syrup back into the vessel. Same as, the remaining malpuas in syrup.  By the way, it takes about 5 to 6 minutes to fry one-time malpua.
  • Dip all the pancakes in the syrup and prepare it. Take out the malpuas in the plate and garnish with some chopped almonds and pistons. The Rajasthan’s pancake is rich in taste and now your sweetness is ready to eat.
 icon-lightbulb-o EXPERT ADVICE – Mawa Malpua-Rajasthani Pancake Recipe
      • When making the batter, keep in mind that there are no crusts in it, fitted until the batter turns out to be smooth.
      • If the rounds are made like Pu, and if the spread is not thinner then the batter is thicker. Mix a little milk or water into it and take a fancy and then make malpua, the malpua will spread thin and get ready.
      • If there is a shaky shape coming out from the edges while adding the sprouts, then the batter is thin. To make it right, put a little flour into it and fancy it well. There should be no corms in it. Then, make the malpua, the thin round spices will be ready. Mawa can be broken evenly. After putting the whole milk in a mixer, the gum becomes in the solution and the batter can also be diluted. Therefore milk is added slightly.
      • Sprinkle malpua in lightly hot oil on very low flame. If you feel that Malpua has been standing in a while, then make the flame a little quicker.

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