Dal Baati Churma

Dal-Baati-Churma (Step-By-Step)

Dal Baati Churma is one of the traditional and delicious dishes of Rajasthan. This recipe is world famous for its crispy taste with sweet-n-spicy flavors.
This Authentic dish is an amazing combination of 3-1 packed with overloaded sweetness and spicy cuisine added crispy taste.
If you don’t like sweets so you can cook only dal baati.
• Let’s go directly to ingredient lists for a special combination of Rajasthan food.

○ Ingredients of “DAL” sabzi for baati-churma

How to cook delicious dal
Dal Recipe – Famous dish of Rajasthan

⇒Mung Beans split[मूंग-दाल]  ¼ Bowl
⇒Yellow Split Peas[चना-दाल]  ¼ Bowl
⇒Pigeon Peas Split [अरहर-दाल]  ¼ Bowl
⇒Black Gram Lentils[उड़द-की-दाल]  ¼ Bowl
⇒Butter/Oil[घी] ↦ 4Tbsp
⇒Cumin Seeds[जीरा↦ 1Tbsp
⇒Red/Green Chillie[मिर्च] ↦ 1-2 Chopped
⇒Tomatoes[टमाटर] ↦ 2-3  
⇒Lemons[नींबू] ↦ 2  For Taste
⇒Onions[प्याज] ↦ 2 Finely Chopped
⇒Turmeric Powder[हल्दी-पाउडर↦ 1Tbsp
⇒Coriander Powder[धनिया-पाउडर↦ 1Tbsp
⇒RedChilli Powder[लाल-मिर्च-पाउडर↦ 1Tbsp
⇒Salt[नमक] ↦ According to you
↦ For Taste Only

○ Ingredients of “BAATI” for dal & churma dish

⇒Wheat Flour[गेहूँ-का-आटा↦ 2 BowlsRajasthan famous dish
⇒Melted Butter[घी↦ 1 Bowl
⇒Fennel Seeds[सौंफ↦ 1Tbsp
⇒Salt[नमक] ↦ According to taste
⇒Semolina[सूजी] ↦ 3Tbsp
⇒Gram Flour[बेसन] ↦ ¼ Bowl
⇒Milk[दूध↦ ½ Liter

○ Ingredients of “CHURMA” for dal & baati

⇒Whole Wheat Flour[गेहूँ-का-आटा↦ 1 BowlHow To cook Dal Baati Churma
⇒Semolina[रवा] ↦ 5Tbsp
⇒Raisins[किशमिश] ↦ 10-15 Pieces
⇒Almonds[बादाम] ↦ 5-10 Pieces
⇒Cashewnut[काजू]↦ 5-12 Pieces
Sugar Powder[चीनी-पाउडर]↦ 2Tbsp
घी]↦ ½ Cup

First, we need to prepare Baati cause it takes more time rather than Churma and Dal dishes.

All Information About Dal Bati Churma
How to Cook and Eat?

How to Cook ‘BAATI’ for dal-churma

1. First, take a wide container then put listed quantity of wheat-gram flour with 3tbsp semolina and 1Tsp fennel seeds. So, mix these items with butter or milk and prepare a dough.
2. When your baati dough is ready to next step, you want to divide the dough into some parts, like the size of a cricket ball.
3. After, the second step you need to arrange all doughs on a baking tray and bake baatis for the last 40-45 minutes.
4. When Baati color becomes a golden-brown color it means your baati is ready to serve with Dal-Churma.

Tips* Cracks on baati are important to get a crispy taste. Simply bake them while they cracked self.
So, Let’s go to the next step to cook “churma” for Rajasthan traditional dish.

How to Cook ‘CHURMA’ for dal-baati

1. First, You need to mix wheat flour and 4-5tsp semolina with melted butter in a deep container.
2. Now, take a pan and put some butter on medium flame/temp. After 2 minutes, you need to add the wheat flour mixture in butter and fry until it becomes in golden color.
3. So, Before the last step waits for a few minutes to cool down the dish. Then you need to add your favorite ingredients like cashews, raisins, almonds, cardamom powder, and ground sugar.
5. You can also make churma laadu. Your second item is ready, but make sure you need to add your love and feeling to make sweeter.

3rd and last item of Dal-Baati-Churma

How to Cook ‘DAL’ for baati churma

1. First, you need to wash pluses with fresh water in a deep container.
2. Now, you need to boil these pulses with 1tbsp turmeric powder and salt according to your taste for max 5 minutes.
3. Lets the cooking process on. Take a fry-pan and 4-5 tbsp butter/refined oil on medium flame and keep it warm. when it becomes hot then go for panfry with some mustard seeds, coconut powder, and asafoetida.
4. After this, you need to add chopped chilies, chopped tomatoes and chopped onion with garlic & ginger paste. Fry all ingredients on medium flame.
5. Now you should add more red chilies in boiled Dal. Cook these veggies for 5 minutes on high flame. Then add lemon juice and sugar in it and boil on a medium flame for 5 minutes.

So finally, your best Rajasthani dish is ready to serve.

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