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Dholpur City In Rajasthan

Dholpur City in Rajasthan

Location: Dholpur District, Rajasthan, India
Founder: Dholya Nagas
Founded In: 5th Century
Total Area: 3,034 Sq.Km.
Govt. Site:

Something About Dholpur City in Rajasthan

Dholpur is a city and district headquarter of Dholpur District in Rajasthan. It is located on the eastern side of the Rajasthan state. The Dholpur city was first founded in the 5th century by Dholya Nagas as Dhawalpuri. It was a very important part of Rajasthan since the Mughal period. The city was ruled by Mughals, Jats, Gohad, and now it ruled by Meena’s community.

Places to Explore in Dholpur City

Shergarh Fort

Shergarh Fort of Dholpur city in Rajasthan
Image by Travelling Slacker, (CC BY 2.0)

Shergarh fort an ancient fort was built in the early 4th century by Kushan Emperor Maldev Ji. It was reconstructed by Shershah in 1540 A.D. and it called Shergarh Ka Qila. This fort is located near the Chambal river in Dholpur. It also has beautiful Mughal cannons with 19 feet Hight.

Van Vihar Sanctuary

Spotted Deer at Van Vihar
Image by Sudheer777, (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Know More: Van Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary, Dholpur
Van Vihar is a small wildlife sanctuary and it was used by kings of Dholpur as a hunting area. It is located at Dhoolkot village near Dholpur city in Rajasthan.

Nihal Tower (Clock Tower)

Nihal tower is a famous clock tower located in the main city of Dholpur. It was built in 1910 A.D. by King Ram Singh. The clock tower is made up of red stones with 120 feet height and it has 145 stairs to reach the top of the tower.

Chopda Mahadev Mandir

Chopda Mahadev is a temple located in the Dholpur city of Rajasthan. This is my personal favorite place in Dholpur. It was built by the best architectures in the Rajasthan. Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is a small but peaceful place in the whole Dholpur.

How to Reach Dholpur City in Rajasthan

By Airway

Agra Airport is the nearest airport to reach Dholpur city and the airport is only 60 km away from the city. Another International option is Jaipur International airport and it is 270 Km from the Dholpur.

By Railway

Dholpur Junction is the nearest railway station to reach here and it is located on the outskirts of the city. Another option is Agra Cantt Railway Station and it is only 55 Km from the Dholpur.

By Roadway

Dholpur is located on National Highway No. 23 and Rajasthan State Highway No. 2A, & 23. You can reach Dholpur by bus or taxies and those are always available from every major city in Rajasthan.

Distance B/T Major Cities to Dholpur City of Rajasthan

Cities in Rajasthan

Distance in Kms


65 Km


196 Km

Sawai Madhopur

212 Km


266 Km


335 Km


399 Km


591 Km


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