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Jalore District of Rajasthan

Jalore District in Rajasthan

Population 18,28,730
Official Website: www.jalore.nic
Coordinate: 25.35 ° N 72.62 ° E

Jalore is a historical city in the state of Rajasthan. This city was known as ‘Jabalipur’ in ancient times. Jalore district headquarters is located here. Jalore is a historical district of Rajasthan, situated to the south of Sukri, a tributary of the Luni River. Earlier there was one of the very large states. The princely state of Jalore occupied its place after the princely state of Chittorgarh. Was a major princely state in western Rajasthan.

History of Jalore

In ancient times it was also known as Jabalpur and Suvarnagiri. It was the capital of Chauhan Gurjars in the 12th century. Presently this district is surrounded by Barmer, Sirohi, Pali and Banaskantha district of Gujarat. Due to the passing of the hands of the Gurjar rulers, their influence can be seen on the monuments here. Jalore Fort is the main attraction of Jalore but apart from this there are many scenic spots here.

Famous Places to Explore in Jalore District of Rajasthan

Jalore Fort

Jalore Fort, one of the most famous forts in India, was built by the Paramaras in the 10th century. This amazing fort is situated on a steep hill. The palaces here are very simple and do not see much decoration. There are four grand gates of entry to the temple where there is only one way to reach. The construction of the fort is in keeping with traditional Hindu architecture.

Ship Temple

The Jaja Mandir is a Jain temple 5 km from Bishangarh. The statue of Shri Shantinath Prabhu and the path of the divine is made from Panchadhatu. Adinath is on the right of the main statue and Lord Vasupujya is seated on the left. Sculptures are also placed on other corners of the temple. A huge Dharamshala is also attached to Aradhana Bhavan and Bhojshala. Jalore is a peaceful and well-equipped area, with more employees from outside districts. The level of education is very weak

Shree Swarnagiri Shrine

Sri Swarnagiri Tirtha is situated on the Swarnagiri hill near the city of Jalore. Lord Mahavira sitting in Padmasana posture is the main deity here. The temple was built by King Kamarpal and is looked after by a trust named “Shri Swarnagiri Jain Shvetambar Tirtha Pedhi”. White statue of Lord Mahavira was established in 1221 Vikram Samvat.

Shree Umedpur Shrine

Shri Umedpur shrine is located at Umedpur in Jalore district. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shree Bhidbhanjan Parshvanath. It has food and dharamshala here.


Tirthedranagar is a religious site which is 48 km from Jalore. Shri Miraculous Parshvanath Jain Tirtha is the main attraction here. Regular bus service is available from Jalore to here. Harish Kumar Kalathal Patodi Barmer Rajasthan 8302061566

How to Reach Jalore District in Rajasthan

By Airway

The nearest airport is Jodhpur airport, It is about 140 km away from Jalore district.

By Railway

The district is connected to the Indian Railway line of the Northern Railway. Rail runs from many cities to reach here.

By Roadway

National Highway 15 passes through Jalore district. All the block headquarters are connected to the bus service.

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