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Jhalrapatan City in Jhalawar

Jhalrapatan City in Jhalawar

Jhalrapatan City, Jhalawar
Location: Jhalawar District, Rajasthan
Founder: Zalim Singh
Founded In: 18th Century
Nick Name: City of Bellls
Official Site:

Something About Jhalrapatan City in Jhalawar

Map of Jhalrapatan City in Jhalawar
Image By Heinz OSMCC BY-SA 4.0

Jhalrapatan City is also a tehsil in the Jhalawar District of Rajasthan State, India. The Jhalrapatan tehsil has a total of 348 villages & 5 towns with a more than 4 lakh population. The land is sharing tehsil boundaries with Aklera, & Khanpur, & Bhawani Mandi tehsils. It is located in the middle of Jhalawar District, Rajasthan. This city was first established by a Rajput Jhala Zalim Singh in 1796 A.D.

Places to Visit Near Jhalrapatan

Shantinath Jain Temple

Jain Temple of Jhalrapatan City in Jhalawar
Image By Chinumani, CC BY-SA 4.0

This beautiful temple was built in 1125 A.D. and it is the most famous Jain temple in this district. You should visit here when you are in the city. Temple is decorated with 2 white marble elephants at the main entrance.

Herbal Garden Thandi Jhari

Thandi Jhari is a unique kind of garden with a huge variety of plants and herbs. This garden is the best place to visit in Jhalrapatan city. You can visit here with your family and friend and the entry fee is 5 to 10 Indian rupees.

Sun Temple

The Sun Temple of Jhalrapatan is located in the middle of this city. This historical temple of the most famous temple in this city. Temple is built up of red stones it also has 2 big Shivlings and you should visit here with family.

How to Reach Jhalrapatan City in Rajasthan

By Airway

Kota Airport is the nearest airport to reach Jhalrapatan city and it is located about 89 Km from this city. Another option is Jaipur International Airport and it is located about 337 Km from the city.

By Railway

Jhalawar City Railway Station is the nearest station to reach this city and it is located about 7 Km away from this city. Another option is Bhawani Mandi and it is located about 45 Km from Jhalrapatan City.

By Roadway

Jhalrapatan City is situated on NH 52, RJ SH 1, & 27. Taxi, buses, & Trains are always available from every city in Rajasthan to reach here. You can take a rental car or bike to explore Jhalrapatan city in your own way.

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