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Kherwara City in Udaipur

Kherwara City in Udaipur

Kherwara City Udaipur
Location: Udaipur, Rajasthan
Founded By: Raja Jai Singh Dev Ji
Funded In: 1504 A.D.
Nick Name: Kherwara Chhaoni
Official Site:

Information About Kherwara City in Udaipur

Map of Kherwara City in Udaipur, Rajasthan
Map By Heinz OSM, CC BY SA 4.0

Kherwara City is a tehsil in the Udaipur District of Rajasthan, India. Kherwara tehsil has total 194 Villages and 1 census town with total population is about 2.07 lakhs. This city is located about 82 Km away from the main city of Udaipur. Kherwara is popular for its large number of Kher trees and it was first established by Raja Jai Singh Dev Ji in the 15th Century. Land is sharing boundaries with Rishabhdeo, Jhadol, & Dungarpur tehsils in Rajasthan.

Places to Visit in Kherwara City Udaipur

Divine Mercy Church

Divine Mercy Church is one of the best religious places in this city and it located on the toll plaza road. This beautiful place was built in the 18th Century by Christian community peoples. You should visit here in the early morning and evening with your friends and family.

Jain Dal Bati

Jain Dal Bati is one the most famous restaurant in this city and its specialty is Dal Baati Churma. Do you know Kherwara City is famous for Delicious Dal Baati Churma with cheapest price.

How to Reach Kherwara in Udaipur

By Airway

Maharana Pratap Airport is the nearest airport to reach this city and it is located about 101 Km away from this city. Another option is Jaipur International Airport and it is located about 481 km away from the city.

By Railway

Kherwara Railway Station is the nearest station to reach this city and it is located around 3 km away. Another Option is Udaipur Railway Station and it is located 79 Km away from this city.

By Roadway

Kherwara City is located on NH 48, & 927A. Bus, Train, & Taxi are easily available here to reach Udaipur city. You also take a rental car or bike to explore this land in your own way.

Distance B/T Cities in Rajasthan to Kherwara Tehsil

Rajasthan Cities

Distance in Kms


27 Km


129 Km


143 Km


149 Km


188 Km


262 Km


326 Km


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