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Kota City In Rajasthan

Kota City in Rajasthan

Location: Kota District, Rajasthan
Founded By: Rao Madho Singh
Founded In: 1631
Region: Hadoti Region
Official Site:

Something About Kota in Rajasthan

Kota city is the district headquarter of the Kota District in Rajasthan State, India. The city was first established by Rao Madho Singh in the 16th century. This city is a part of a list of Top 50 Popular Cities in India. It is located on the southeastern side of Rajasthan State; surrounded by Aravalli mountains.

Places to Explore in Kota City

Seven Wonders Park

Seven Wonders in Kota City of Rajasthan
Image By Ahmed053, (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Seven Wonders Park is not the main attraction but here you’ll definitely spend quality time with friends. Park has every single wonder in the world. It is located on the corner of Kishore Sagar lake and near Jag Mandir, Zoological Park.

Kishore Sagar

Kishore Sagar Talab Lake in Kota
Image By City_of_Kota, (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Kishore Sagar Lake is an artificial lake built in the 13th century by King Dher Deh of Bundi State. This lake is one of the best peaceful places in Kota city. You’ll enjoy the jet ride om the Kishore Sagar Lake with a free ticket to Jag Mandir.

Kotah Garh

Kotahgarh Palace & Museum in Kota
Image By Avni_Kantoo, (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Kotah Garh is a Palace & Museum with arts, weapons, and many more things. It is located on Rajasthan State Highway No. 33. Near Chambal River in Kota city. Kotah Garh Palace was built in the 12th century by the prince Jait Singh of Bundi State.

Chambal Garden

Chambal Garden near Chambal River in Kota
Image By Vibhss, (CC BY 4.0)

Chambal Garden is the best place for an evening picnic with your favorite peoples. A boat is also provided here to enjoy the ride and watching birds. This garden is situated 1.5 km from the Kotah Garh Palace of Kota City.

Hanging Bridge

Hanging Bridge in Kota city
Kota’s Hanging Bridge Image Clicked By TrueRajasthan

Hanging Bridge of Kota is also known as Kota Chambal Bridge. It started on 29th August 2017 by Mr. Narendra Modi the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India. This bridge is located on the way to the Mukundra hills Tiger Reserve in Kota.

Abheda Mahal

Abheda Mahal Palace of Kota
Abheda Fort Image By Ritukejai, (CC BY-SA 4.0)

The Abheda Mahal is a lakeside palace located 15 km from the Kota Railway station in the city. This Palace built by king Ummed Singh II in the 18th century. And Its lake built in the 13th century by King Dheerdeh of Kota.

Shiv Puri Dham, Kota

Shivpuri Dham in Kota
525 Shivling in Shivpuri Dham Image by TrueRajasthan

Shiv Puri Dham is a temple located near Seven Wonder Park and 10 km from the City Railway station. This temple has more than 525 lords Shiva’s Shivlings. It started building in 2004 without and fund by a saint. There is also 15 feet long Shivalinga with 14 tons weight. The idol of Lord Shiva, Ganesh, Devi Parvati, and other idols have been placed here. It also has 108 pilgrims’ water in the Amrit Sarovar on the exit of this temple.

Jag Mandir

Jag Mandir is a water palace located in the middle of Kishore Sagar Lake. This palace built by the Queen of Rao Madho Singh I in the 17th century. Jag Mandir Palace is located near 7 Wonders Park, Chatra Vilas Garden, & Kota Zoological Park.

Kota Barrage

Kota Barrage is the 2nd most attractive part of Kota city. Mainly, it was built to stop Chambal river water to generate the power at 3 dams of Kota district. This is the best place to visit in Monsoon Season but not in heavy rainfall. It is located near Kotah Garh Palace & Museum.

Kota Zoological Park

Kota’s Zoological Park is located near Kishore Sagar in Chatra Vilas Garden in the Kota city. It is situated 9 km away from the Kota Railway station. This zoological park built by Maharaja Raghubir Singh in 1905 A.D.

How to Reach Kota City in Rajasthan

By Airway

Jaipur International Airport is the nearest airport to reach here and it is 230 km from the Kota city. Another option is Maharana Pratap Airport of Udaipur and it is about 250 km from the Kota.

By Railway

Kota Junction is the nearest railway station to reach Kota in the Rajasthan state. Another option is Sawai Madhopur Junction and it is 124 Km from the main city of Kota.

By Roadway

Kota City is situated on National Highway No. 27, 52, and Rajasthan State Highway No. 33, 51, & 70. You can reach here by bus, taxi, & rental car or bike. Transports are always available from every city of Rajasthan.

Distance from Major City to Kota in Rajasthan

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Distance in Kms

Sawai Madhopur

124 Km


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