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National Chambal Sanctuary

National Chambal Sanctuary

District: Dholpur, Rajasthan
Total Area: 280 sq. km.
Date of Birth: 02/12/1979
Wild Animals: Alligators, Crocodiles, Nilgai, Wild Boar, Wolfs, etc.

Something About National Chambal Sanctuary

In 1979, Chambal River from Rana Pratap Sagar Lake to South West of Kota to its confluence with Jamuna. It presenting the deep river pools and having an area of 280 sq. km. Rajasthan Government established and given a Sanctuary status as National Chambal Sanctuary to protect the Crocodiles, Alligators, Gavials, etc.

Chambal river is crossing many districts in Rajasthan. This sanctuary is for protecting the red-crown turtles and dolphins.

Flora in Chambal Sanctuary

At the bank of Chambal river many types of trees are grown, but Ber, Churel, Palash, Khair are found commonly with grassy patches.

Fauna in Chambal Sanctuary

Gharial in Chambal River in Dholpur
Photo by Clpramod, CC BY-SA 4.0

In this sanctuary Gharials, Ganga River Dolphin, and Red Crown Turtle are a specialty of the Chambal sanctuary. Marsh Crocodile, Wolf, Hyenas, Flying fox, Indian Hare, Gazelle, Nilgai, Sambar, Wild boar, Jungle cats, Mongoose, Bengal Fox, are common.

National Chambal Sanctuary has more than 25 rare turtle species in his Chambal River.

Must-Know Before Visiting Chambal Sanctuary

If you’re going to explore Chambal Sanctuary then you must know the entry points of this sanctuary. It has 4 main gates are Nandagon Ghat, Bharch, Sehson, and the Pinahat. After entering the forest, hire a boat to explore the Chambal river and click some snaps for your insta-profile.
The guide will take you to the best places to click the best photographs. Must hangout around the river to explore the true wild lifestyle.

How to Reach Chambal Sanctuary

By Train

The nearest railway station is Dholpur Junction, It is well connected with National Capital Delhi and with every district in Rajasthan.

By Air

The nearest airport is in Agra city, you also explore Taj Mahal in Agra. It is about 50 km away from Chambal Sanctuary.

By Road

Dholpur district is well connected with every city like Agra(50 km), Delhi(283 km), Mumbai(1151km), Jaipur(286), etc.

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