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Ancient Civilization of Rajasthan

Rajasthan’s Ancient Civilization

Once upon a time in India, Rajasthan was an ancient part of Indus Valley civilization(Harappans). One of the Rajasthan ancient cities, Hanumangarh city was known as Kalibangan, was the capital of Indus valley civilization at the ancient time period. Rajasthan’s ancient civilizations leave much important evidence of the earliest agricultural field ever founded in Rajasthan, India, and as well as many places in Asia.

Image of Hanumangarh was a part of Indus civilization at ancient time.
Ancient time in Rajasthan

Shreds & Evidences About Ancient Rajasthan

The Rajasthan ancient community left some rare pieces of evidence are mostly look like tools. Rajasthan Ancient civilization included tools with rare potteries that were founded in Bundi & Bhilwara district in Rajasthan. State Rajasthan has some more ancient venues, where shreds of evidence are founded of the plowed agriculture field, making colors.

Rajasthan civilization starts using small blades as weapons and these weapons were the presence of copper. Jhunjhunu, Sikar together with some part of Jaipur had established a part of the ancient Vedic state of Brahmavarta at ancient time.

Ancient History of Rajasthan

At the time of the Vedic ancient period in Rajasthan. Rajasthan had its own rivers are named Saraswati & Drishadwati rivers at the time of ancient civilization.

According to an expert of Indian archaeologists, the Saraswati river is still a disclosed teaser in ancient Rajasthan’s history. Drishadwati river was a little part of the Saraswati River in ancient times.

Indian archaeologist, prof. B.B.LAL gives a statement about abandoned of first Rajasthan ancient civilization around the year 2000 BCE-1900 BCE. As well as this abandonment takes place into the dried up of the Saraswati river at the ancient time of Rajasthan. Robert Raikes (Italian Hydrologist) also agreed on this statement and UNESCO also approved this statement.

Rajasthan civilization was settled off the Harappan era after sometime later Saraswati rivers were dried up completely.

Rajasthan topographical achieved to be affected by the act of expansion in various empires. It was a part of the Maurya Empire around 321-184 BCE.


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