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Sri Ganganagar City in Rajasthan

Sri Ganganagar City in Rajasthan

Location: Sri Ganganagar District, Rajasthan
Founded By: King Ganga Singh
Founded In:
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Something About Sri Ganganagar City Rajasthan

Sri Ganganagar city is also the district headquarter of the Sri Ganganagar District in Rajasthan. This land was founded by Maharaja Ganga Singh of the Bikaner State in the early 19th century. The city shared his border with the Punjab State & Pakistan country.

Places to Visit in Sri Ganganagar City

Balaji Dham

Balaji Dham in Sri Ganganagar City of Rajasthan
Image By Anuj_Sharma, (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Balaji Dham is a nice temple located 6 km from the city railway station. This temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. It also has a big Statue of lord hanuman with a beautiful massive temple. You can reach here by bus & taxi from every corner of Sri Ganganagar city.


Shivalaya Temple in Sri Ganganagar
Image By Bidhan Rajkarnikar, (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Shivalaya is also a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is located 2 km from the Sri Ganganagar Bus Station in the city. People came here on every Maha Shiv Ratri held every year in the Monsoon season. You can visit here at the festival to taste Bhang on every Maha Shiv Ratri.

Gauri Shankar Temple

The Gauri Shankar Temple is located on the way to Balaji Dham in this city of Rajasthan. This beautiful temple also has an artificial pond with a hanging park. It is situated near the New Dhan Mandi in the city and the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva & Gauri Mata.

How to Reach Sri Ganganagar City in Rajasthan

By Airway

Civil Airport of the Bikaner is the nearest airport to reach this city and it is located 250 km from the Sri Ganganagar city of Rajasthan. Another option is Jaipur International Airport and it is 485 km from the city.

By Railway

Sri Ganganagar Junction is the closest railway station to reach this city and it is located in the city near Maharaja Ganga Singh Stadium. Another option is Hanumangarh Junction and it is located 65 km from the Sri Ganganagar.

By Roadway

The Ganganagar city is situated on National Highway 62, 911, Rajasthan State Highway 3, & 7B. You can reach here by Bus, & taxi and these are available from every city in Rajasthan. You also can hire or rent a car or bike to explore Sri Ganganagar in your own way.

Distance B/W Rajasthan Cities to Sri Ganganagar City

Cities in Rajasthan

Distance in Kms


74 Km


242 Km


497 Km


516 Km


548 Km


721 Km


762 Km


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