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Sri GangaNagar District, Rajasthan

Sri Ganga Nagar District Rajasthan

Population: 2,54,760
Mother Tongue: Rajasthani and Punjabi

Sri Ganga Nagar is the northern-most district of Rajasthan, with Fazilka(Punjab) and Hanumangarh in the north, Bikaner and Churu (Rajasthan) in the south, and Pakistan in the west.

About Sri Ganganagar Rajasthan

Sri Ganganagar is also the main administrative center and developing city of the district. It is named after the King Ganga Singh of Bikaner. It is located in the most improved and irrigated agricultural area of ​​the district and has become a major trading market and transport center. In addition to the district administrative offices and courts, there are several graduate colleges and other cultural institutions. This city is entirely a 20th-century gift. It remained an unknown village in the early decades. But due to the development of agriculture in the area by the Gang-Canal Irrigation Project, its population has increased. A sugar factory was opened here in 1945. An industrial institute has also been established here. The shrines of Shri Budhajohad Gurudwara and Laila-Majnu in Sriganganagar are the major scenic spots.

The climate at Ganga Nagar Rajasthan

The climate of Sri Ganganagar is very hot. The temperature reaches 52 Celsius in summer and falls to around -2 Celsius in winter.

The average annual rainfall is only 20 cm. In terms of rainfall, climate and water supply, this district falls in the sandy and dry region of Rajasthan, the surface run-off of water in this entire area is not equal.

The entire district is a large sandy ground. The only river is the Ghaggar whose flow ends in sand near Hanumangarh. January’s maximum temperature is 20.70 C And the lowest is 2.40 cm. lives.

The maximum temperature in the summer of June is 43.0 C. Up to 50.0 C in Ganganagar. There is a possibility of up to The average annual rainfall in the district is 8.580 cm. And the total days of rainfall are 15.2.

Most of the rainfall (6.690 cm) occurs in the months of June – July – August. The highest sand storm in Rajasthan is in Ganganagar district only. Ole occasionally falls.

The production power becomes very high when water is supplied in the sandy land of the district.

The Mattiar land of the Ghaggar valley and the Matiyar loam available at the bottom of the ponds and lakes that fill in the rainy season are famous for wheat and gram crops.

Not only by the waters of Bhakra-Nangal-Yojana (probable irrigation area 7,70,000 acres), the entire Rajasthan-Canal project developed from Hanumangarh directly, which is the longest canal of its kind in the world, is undergoing all-round development.

Gang-canal-subdivision of the district is the most vacant area in India where the most tractors are being used. People from seven seas also come to see the agricultural area of ​​this city.

Suratgarh Farm located in the district is the largest planned 30,670-acre farm in the Asia continent, where mechanical farming takes place.

It is akin to an agricultural laboratory in which experiments are being carried out to develop suitable agriculture of dry state, to generate improved seeds, to improve the breed of animals, etc.

Therefore, the agricultural system of the district is moving out of the state of livelihood agriculture at a rapid pace towards commercial agriculture. Apart from food grains, the production of sugarcane and cotton is increasing.

Industries based on agricultural commodities are flourishing. Sugar factory and industrial institute in Ganganagar, fertilizer factory in Hanumangarh, industrial, technical and educational institute in Raisinghnagar are indicative of the development of the district.

The Bhakra-Nangal-Yojana is receiving electricity to major places in the district.


The total population of the city of Ganganagar is 2,10,788 as per 2001 census; And the total population of Ganganagar district is 17,88,427. It is the most Sikh population district of Rajasthan. The Punjab border is just five kilometers from the district headquarters. The district’s Srikaranpur assembly constituency is Sikh dominated.

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